PC Cleaner Pro BoxSurely you can still remember (with a smile on your face) those days when your computer was still brand new and therefore super-fast and efficient; and surely, you miss those days and hope you can turn back time and get your computer working as speedy and proficient as it was before. Maybe you are often frustrated and exasperated now as you wonder why it is now a normal and recurring event for your computer to crash, freeze and even shut down without warning. You may also be struggling with your very slow computer now that it takes so many minutes to open up some applications or even perform the easiest and simplest tasks. More often than not, the major causes of these frustrating events are registry errors along with viruses, malwares and other system issues that plague your computer system.

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If you are wondering how your Windows registry can cause all these annoying errors, you may want to take a little more time to educate yourself about your computer system. The Windows registry is like a database or a repository of all the information needed for your computer to function including software and hardware settings, system and network configurations, user profiles, computer files and folders, and so much more. This means that each and every activity that you do with your computer involves the Windows registry as you access and change it every time you use your computer. All these updates and changes can be very detrimental to the registry because it causes a large number of worthless, out-dated and redundant entries in the system registry. In times like these, you need the ultimate computer optimization power of PC Cleaner Pro.

So, what is PC Cleaner Pro and how can it help solve all your registry problems? PC Cleaner Pro is a registry cleaner that includes more than a dozen high-quality and cost-effective tools in one ultimate bundle that will make your computer run like it’s brand new again. The software features memory optimization, internet connection optimization and overall computer system optimization – it is but the fastest way to tweak and fine-tune your computer settings once and for all. It starts by detecting the computer system that you have and all the hardware settings and software installations in it. It will then analyze which are the most ideal system settings for your computer so it would perform to its optimum capacity.

A lot of satisfied users have proven to themselves how PC Cleaner Pro gave their computers its second life. Some users have been experiencing computer problems for months and have been putting up with it due to the fact that a brand new computer and even a computer repair can be very expensive and that they have come to love their computers as well. But with all the frustration that crashes, freezes, lags and shut downs bring about to these users, they have never been happier when they found PC Cleaner Pro and when it found and repaired thousands of system issues for them. So if you want to be one of these satisfied users go ahead and download the software for free and try it on your computer. You will find out real soon that you made the right choice especially when you experience the convenience and efficacy of the following tools/features:

  • Repair System Errors and Speed up Computers – These system errors that cause lags, crashes and freezes will be cleaned and repaired completely, safely and instantly. Thus, issues like unwanted pop-up errors, computer system running really slow, computer crashing and shutting down without warning, receiving mysterious error messages and even blank screens will be put to a definite end. PC Cleaner Pro is a professional registry software that can do all these and more as it de-clutters your computer and make it work properly again. This specific feature of PC Cleaner Pro even comes with the following attributes:
  • A choice between automatic or manual error or invalid registry key removal
  • A view of the scanning progress
  • An option to backup registry prior to scanning and cleaning
  • A built-in scheduler to program the scans and fixes
  • A built-in clean-up manager
  • A regular system check-up for invalid or empty registry keys, help files and shell extensions
  • A quick scan option for a speedy system optimization and restoration
  • An option to scan and repair software installations and ActiveX control, start-up and installations issues
  • An option to scan and repair DLL, run-time and even internet issues
  • A high possibility of improved computer system performance and a speedier start-up and shut down process

PC Cleaner Pro will also help you free up space in your computer’s hard drive which will contribute to a more efficient system performance. The software will safely identify the files that you can – without any harm – remove from your computer including temporary internet files, downloaded application files, recycle bin files, temporary windows report files and even optional Windows component files that are rather unnecessary and even redundant.

  • Virus and Spyware ProtectionPC Cleaner Pro will free your computer from viruses and malware worries as it gives complete protection from all these potentially damaging and unwanted programs. Rogue programs, Trojans, worms and parasites that cause system errors, decrease system performance and destroy your system’s sensitive data don’t stand a chance against this software. It starts by detecting both known and unknown malicious programs form your system and once found, the software removes its entire occurrence down to its rootkit. The software comes with a highly advanced system cleaner that supports four levels of scanning technology from the front line to the second and third level, down to the rootkit which goes down deep to the system’s memory to wipe out all the infections from your system. Now, you can say goodbye to these spywares that monitor and collects sensitive information like the websites you visit, your credit card numbers, your usernames and passwords, your email messages and even your bank account numbers and say hello to a more secure computer system that doesn’t slow down just to give way to this feature.
  • Privacy ProtectionPC Cleaner Pro will safeguard your sensitive information from phishing, identity theft, credit card fraud and the like. The software will fully destroy traces of all your computer activities so they wouldn’t be used my other malicious programs that will only damage your computer and worse, bring harm to your personal life. This privacy protection and system restoration is but a click away and doesn’t really take much time.

PC Cleaner Pro has more features to boast of that it has attained the prestigious Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Network. This means that Microsoft acknowledges and distinguishes the software’s capacity to give complete customer satisfaction. Because of this partnership, PC Cleaner Pro even receives support and training from Microsoft that improves it performance as the days go by. But it’s not only Microsoft that has come to recognize PC Cleaner Pro’s abilities; even Intel has done so as it made the software a member of its very own Software Partner Program. This relationship has enable PC Cleaner Pro to take advantage of Intel’s technical expertise and exclusive resources to continue its enhancements.

PC Cleaner Pro in Action:

PC Cleaner Pro Scan

PC Cleaner Pro starts to scan for errors, malware, etc.

PC Cleaner Pro Scan 2

Scanning in progress

PC Cleaner Pro Scan 3

It checks your entire computer...nothing gets past PC Cleaner Pro

PC Cleaner Pro cleaning & repairing your PC

PC Cleaner Pro cleaning & repairing your PC

PC Cleaner Pro done

Now that it's done, your computer should run like new again!

With all its capabilities, PC Cleaner Pro is indeed the ultimate in registry optimization. And with its enhanced and highly effective product support team, it is but the rave nowadays. Not only does the software features a support desk, a ticketing system, a knowledge base and a download update page, it also offers live support from their Microsoft Certified technicians 24/7 including all holidays. If that is not great, we don’t know what is. So why don’t you try a free download now and discover for yourself the great benefits of the PC Cleaner Pro.

download pc cleaner pro


registry cleanerAre you tired of your computer crashing and rebooting? If you have begun yelling at your PC because it is having trouble then you are in need of some help. If you are beginning to think that your PC is possessed, then it is definitely time to check out the registry files inside of the hard drive. If that sounds daunting, then you can rest easy. It is simple to do all of this. Anyone can get it done. Any registry cleaner will help your PC work better. This allows your computer to run effectively and function well. The reason for this is obvious. When your PC doesn’t have help it becomes like an autistic child. It doesn’t speak effectively and it fails to react like it should to properly communicate. Here is a registry cleaner that can help you with this.

PC Cleaner Pro is a tool that fixes the registry errors that happen on a regular basis. When your computer is not properly maintained it becomes fragmented and disjointed. The files do not cache effectively. This prevents your programs from working properly. They will crash or worse yet, loose files. Have you ever loaded a program before and received a message that says that you can’t load the program? The cause for this could be bad cache files that are desperately fragmented and not communicating with the operating system.

While the computer is trying to function it runs into issues when it “writes” to the file in an inefficient manner. Defragging the hard drive helps by cleaning the files up and removing the failed ones and allowing the them to communicate more efficiently. Still, this does not do everything. Instead, you need to use a tool like PC Cleaner Pro for this purpose.

The registry is the core of the Windows operating system. It gives the orders to the operating system as it functions. When your computer boots up it obeys the rules of that registry. That is why it is so important for people to use these tools for their PC.

You have to use the tools that are built in first to get the computer cleaned up. Then add the tools like PC Cleaner Pro to maintain and finish fixing all of the errors. By the time you are finished with the first run of this course of maintenance, your PC will run like it is new. Everything will be more efficient. Why pay for high-speed Internet when your PC is running slow?

You could hire a technician to handle all of this for you, and then you will spend a lot of money. Sure, they can do it for you, but wouldn’t you rather have the savings and do it for yourself? If you do that, then you will feel that you are in control of your PC, and not the other way around.

So buy PC Cleaner Pro for your computer and get the system running more efficiently. Your games will run faster and your programs will run more efficiently. Your computer will even work more efficiently.


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